The Record Room

Heard To Find

In Heard To Find, we slow down and examine a cut or two from our record collection that you may have passed by or missed completely.

Heard To Find: The Dynettes – “Witness To A Heartbreak”

Artist: The DynettesTrack: “Witness To A Heartbreak”Release: New Guy / Witness To A Heartbreak (7”)Year: 1965Duration: 2:30 Maurice Williams scored a huge hit in 1960 when he and The Zodiacs put out the single “Stay”. At just 1:36 in length, the single would become the shortest song to ever reach #1 on the Billboard Hot…

Heard To Find: The Jon-Lee Group – “Pork Chops”

Artist: The Jon-Lee Group Track:”Pork Chops”Release: Bring It Down Front / Pork Chops (7″)Year: 1967 Duration: 2:10 I found this buried in a box of beat up and thrown out 7″ records from a former coworker of mine. Most of the records he gave me were part of a lot sold on eBay from an…