FMF●FM is a group of faux radio station playlists set to act like a a genre-specific channel.  Each station is themed to a certain vibe, time period, or aesthetic, and categorized by basic genres. Be sure to follow the playlists themselves for easy access! Though playlists can become rather large, there will never be duplicates.

Rock | Indie | Alternative | Punk

Sailin' on the soothing waves of yacht rock.

Dirty, gritty, blues rock.

Ethereal indie rock buried in reverb and swells.​

Upbeat, catchy indie rock mixed with big hits.​​

Further tracks from our featured S4S artists.

Slacker indie rock with lo-fi, wavy vibes.​

Soul | Funk | Hip-Hop | R&B 

Soul/Funk/R&B from the 60s, 70s, and today.

Those smooth, mellow chillhop​ beats you need.

Anything with a beat. From funk and soul to hip-hop.​​

Hip-hop and rap standards mixed with some new hits.​

Songs that have been sampled by famous artists.

Soul covers of classic cuts.

Americana | Folk | Country | Bluegrass

Pure Americana without the Nashville Pop.

Quiet acoustic indie folk with reverb on vocals.​​​

An acoustic cover, then the artist being covered.​​

Electronic | Synth-Based | World

Trip-hop, jazz, & world music for that cafe vibe.​​​​

Synth-driven pop from the 80s and today; well mixed.​​​

Mixed Genres | Random Moods

Reminiscient of the dark world of Twin Peaks.​​​

If indie radio existed in the 70s, this is what they'd play.

Upbeat jams blend into beatless ambience and back.​​​

Random customer-friendly songs for the swingshift.​​​​