What Is This?

Feel Me Flow is a playlist blog with sounds centralized in garage rock and soul.  While we mix in tunes from every genre imaginable, we try to keep our base in the garage.  As long as the songs flow together and make you feel, though, we’re doing our job.  The focus gets put on how the songs blend together and finding songs that aren’t super conventional.  We look for songs that you might not have heard and pair them with bigger hits, giving the lesser known hits equal “radio play”.  Any genre is possible, any artist could show up, all tunes are welcome here (except any form of hateful music).  Feel Me Flow’s main objective is to give the listener/reader an experience similar to the old days of album-oriented radio while blending each track seamlessly into the next. The sheer joy we feel when two songs seamlessly crossfade as if they were meant to be paired together like a fine wine and cheese is what drives us to do this.  Unlike a dance music DJ, we’re not strictly focused on tempos, either. Matching keys, instruments, strum patterns, ambient sounds. All of it counts. Head over to the Episodes page and and listen for yourself!


For the ultimate experience, be sure to familiarize yourself with these sites and apps.


Discogs links are provided for all releases featured, when applicable.  If no Discogs  release exists, Bandcamp or Spotify album links are provided.  On that note, Spotify is used as the main host for all of these playlists.

If you don’t have Spotify Premium or a paid Apple Music subscription, songs might automatically randomize and the effect will essentially be lost.  We are currently working on uploading episodes to other platforms, with YouTube next to be completed.  Stay tuned for those!