InFlowences: Scrunchies

After featuring them as the Set 4 Score in our Hair episode, we spoke with Laura, Danielle, and Bree of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Scrunchies to discuss some of the artists and songs that have influenced them throughout their music career.  Listen to the entire playlist or each song individually and read each members’ backstory below! (📷 by Tessa Loeffler)



Danielle Cusack “My mom used to always play this CD she had by Mission of Burma, and I was always entranced with how each instrument & voice was so imperative to the song & how it would be completely different without it. A great example of that is through this song & how the band moves through the twists & turns of the riff, and the end of this song where they all harmonize & do a vocal cannon over the line “what could I say to that” that gives me chills to this day.”

Laura Larson:  “I’ve been playing guitar in bands since I was 14 or 15 years old and my influences have always skewed towards the guitar-driven heavy, cathartic and deeply personal feminine/feminist rage- from Jack Off Jill in my teens, through Hole, PJ Harvey, Sleater-Kinney… and in the past handful of years there has been a drought of this particular brand of ROCK in lieu of bands skewing more towards the clean, tropi-pop, easy-listenin’ indie. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good head-bopper and I looooove pop music but when Romantic by Mannequin Pussy came out it was like the grunge/punk veil was re-lifted for me, like a fucked up homecoming of being allowed to experience and emote spite, love, fear, all of these emotions that seem to ebb and flow in vogue and accessibility for womxn. Marissa’s  guttural screams dovetailing into sweet pop melody while she rolls around of the stage is everything I want and need in my rock bands and kicked my ass right out of bed and back into guitar brat mode. .”

Bree Meyer: “I was listening to this band a lot when I started playing music a few years ago. They have a sound and swing to their music that is uniquely theirs and that is what I want in the music I listen to. They’re from Lincoln, NE and if you didn’t already know the Midwest is pretty alright.”

Bree Meyer: This song sounds so huge and I love everything about it. Hop Along has been working so hard for so long and that is something I look up to.”

Danielle Cusack: “I remember the first time I heard this song and became immediately mesmerized by how amazing everything in the song sounded (from the riff, to the drum part, to Corin’s catchy melody). It’s the #1 song I list as an influence for my drumming, and probably for my songwriting as well. Sleater-Kinney is definitely one of the most underrated rock bands of all time, and Dig Me Out was really the first CD to peak my interest in wanting to be a musician”

Laura Larson: “I always think of Sauna Accident as a band that Kurt Cobain would have on one of his musical influences lists. They are the epitome of how unique and strange while at the same time comfortingly familiar a 2-piece garage rock band can be. I listen to Sauna Accident when I want to be reminded that it’s possible to get weird without being over-complicated. Sophie’s voice veers around these post-punk yelp-hooks that always make me think “oh my god, why didn’t I think of that?””

Laura Larson: “We played with Squid Ink from Fresno, CA twice when we were on tour this summer. Not only do they write seriously catchy rhythm-driven punk songs (sometimes with TWO basses!! and sharing members with Fresno feminist punks Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries) they write personal/political lyrics that are funny and real and important.  Lifted from their own bio, Squid Ink “creates punk music for womxn and femmes combating the misogynoir, white supremacist, capitalist, actual dystopia that we live in.” Super amazing people and musicians and they have an EP coming out super soon!”

We at Feel Me Flow want to thank Scrunchies for taking the time to chat with us about their InFlowences.  Scrunchies is playing the First Avenue Mainroom this Saturday 8/18/18 with Jessica Manning and Bad Bad Hats. There are still tickets available so be sure to grab some before they’re gone! Also, don’t forget to head over to Scrunchies’ Bandcamp page and pick up the aptly named Stunner released via Forged Artifacts!

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