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DJ: Take out the papers and the trash or you don’t get no spendin’ cash! Welcome to Feel Me Flow’s Garbage episode! Today we dig through the dumpsters of digital media in search of those perfect sewage streams.  Between all of the trashy people, the litter, and the dumps around here you’d think we were born for rubbish! 

While it’s been painfully obvious over the last decade that trash disposal needs a revamp, there are certain countries who are taking initiative to go completely green and focus on renewable energy.  Yes, we realize that fossil fuels aren’t the same as that McDonald’s wrapper on the sidewalk, but trashing the environment is still relevant in both instances. There have also been waves of a Stoner Cleanup Initiative where cannabis smokers are cleaning up their smoke spots from all the trash littered there.  Hey, its a start!

Leading off today’s stinky show is Seattle’s greatest mundane lyric penners Wimps.  Wimps released their 3rd album Garbage People on July 13, 2018 through Kill Rock Star Records. We’ve played Wimps a couple times before, as their music fits in nicely with our themes and sound.  From the garage rock trio of the PNW, here’s Wimps with the title track to their 3rd LP.

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DJ: Muddy Waters is just so cool.  So cool that he could name his songs “Funky Butt” and still be cooler than we will ever be.  From the same album that the glorious “Funky Butt” resides, Can’t Get No Grindin’, we played “Garbage Man”.

We plucked “Garbage Man” from the Philadelphia funky hip-hop heads G. Love And Special Sauce’s debut album. The album featured the singles “Cold Beverage” and “Baby’s Got Sauce”.  The latter song made the top of Seattle’s KEXP-FM Songs of the Year in 1994.

Los Angeles’ Death Lens were sandwiched in the middle of the set.  We featured Death Lens as the Set 4 Score in our Johnny episode and their track “No Colt, No Johnny”.  In our Truth & Lies episode, we played a track from their Trashed EP, which also featured, you guessed it, “Trashed”.  

When Turbonegro first toured the US back in 1990, guitarist Rune Rebellion (Rune Grønn) was beaten up by some crackheads outside of a hotel in Minneapolis just a few after their arrival to the country.  Yikes! The band’s name is symbolic of their nature, they are out to cause a stir and create a reaction.  Initially, they wanted to be called Nazipenis but decided to go with the more tame Turbonegro; if you can call it tame.  The Norwegian deathpunks chimed in with “Welcome To The Garbage Dump” from their 2007 LP Retox.

Coming up in our second set, we’ve got the band that sued Led Zeppelin and lost.  Well, Randy California’s estate sued them.  Spirit and Led Zeppelin toured together in 1969 and for many years people would tell the tale of how Jimmy Page lifted the riff from Spirit’s “Taurus” to create “Stairway To Heaven”.  They’re totally similar, but would I sure over it? I don’t know.  Nevertheless, the judge ruled against California’s estate and in favor of Zep.  “Taurus” comes from the band’s self-titled 1968 debut LP. Here’s the lead track from that album, “Fresh-Garbage”.

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DJ: Although Ike Reilly may not be a household name outside of the Midwestern US, he should be.  Ike’s songwriting style brings swagger and sarcasm on top of the open-chorded riffs you might here from Paul Westerberg. In fact, Tom Morello said of Ike in 2015, “In my view, he’s one of the best American songwriters of the last 10 years, both in delivery and lyrics. It’s, like, part Springsteen, part Replacements.”.   Perfect analogy, Tom.  It does have that blue-collar Midwest vibe to it!  From 2004’s Sparkle In The Finish, that was The Ike Reilly Assassination with “Garbage Day”.

Prior to Ike, Los Angeles’ band Mystic Braves brought their neo-psych to the table.  The band’s third album Days Of Yesteryear hit shelves in 2015 and the band has been touring seemingly ever since.  The album features that jangly Rickenbacker 12-string sound that Roger McGuinn and David Crosby made so popular back in the mid/late 60s.  More bands need to bring this back!  We played “No Trash”, from that 2015 effort.

Glam punk gods New York Dolls made their presence known in the middle of our set with “Trash”.  The tune comes from their 1973 pioneering self-titled debut.  Nazz’s Todd Rundgren produced the LP, and the first to singles were released as a double A-side.  “Personality Crisis” and “Trash” didn’t chart, but sure put the band on the map.  The Glam punk movement would die shortly after, only to be kicked in the teeth again when punk rock came around.  New York in the 70s, man.  What a time!

The Black Lips undoubtedly took some cues from the Dolls.  The sloppy, grimey punk swagger that oozed out of New York in the 70s made its way down to Atlanta and rebirthed itself within the Georgia quartet. It’s amazing how drastically different your experience listening and watching to music can be when the performers are dirty and stinky compared to the polished pop sounds of mainstream radio.  Imagine seeing Katy Perry all grunged up, would you be more inclined to give her music a shot? Interesting thought.  From the classic 2011 LP Arabia Mountain, that was the Lips with “Dumpster Dive”.

Our next set focused on the stuff you fill your trunk with. Junk.  Well, maybe you fill a kitchen drawer with it? Or maybe it’s just stuff that belongs at a dump, or junkyard.  Perhaps the most beautiful song written about garbage, “Junk” comes from Paul McCartney’s solo 1970 debut McCartney.  “Junk” was written while The Beatles were in India and was originally planned for The Beatles (White Album), but was bumped.  It was also bumped off of Abbey Road, resulting in it being one of the few Beatles songs that survived the breakup. There’s also an instrumental version featuring piano, mellotron, and some drums on that album.  Here’s Paul with “Junk”.

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DJ: Junkie man, tell me what your story is.  To nobody’s surprise, there are a heck of a lot of songs about junk that talk about heroin rather than trash.  I suppose they’re one in the same, though, eh? So, we tried to find as many non-heroin tunes about junk as we could. Capping off the Junk set was Ty Segall’s gazillionth side project GØGGS.  GØGGS features Ty, Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw, and Charles Moothart from Meatbodies/Fuzz.  How could this not be good?! The album finale “Glendale Junkyard” played us out.

We played Devo’s “Space Junk” on our Space episode a little while back.  I mean, how couldn’t we?!  We get to double-dip with this one, which is pretty rare around here!  From the mind-bending 1978 debut Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! that was…well, Devo!

Mystic Braves’ Days Of Yesteryear was released via Lolipop Records, the same label that fellow Los Angeles garage band The Squids released their debut on.  The Squids have this sort of mix between the wavy lo-fi sounds of slacker rock and sunshine garage pop from the beach.  It’s beguiling really.  From the debut 2016 album O Shrek Yes, that was “Junk”.

Trudy And The Romance played us “Junkyard Cat” from the 2017 EP Junkyard Jazz.  So. Much. Junk.  Trudy was included on NME’s “100 For 2017” year-end list and will more than likely be showing up more often in 2018, including right here on Feel Me Flow, haha! Their Facebook page lists their genre as Mutant 50s Pop, which although may be taken as random or daft, is actually apt and completely thought out.

Coming up in Set 4, we start out with a bit of soul from Fame Studios, followed by a double Set 4 Score.  Dan Penn was a behind the scenes kind of guy down in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  He co-wrote some big hits, including the James Carr classic soul gem “The Dark End Of The Street”. He also produced a 17-year old Alex Chilton and The Box Tops’ biggest hit “The Letter” in 1967.  Dan recorded his own music, too, but his early late 60s tracks didn’t see the public eye until 2012’s The Fame Recordings. A second compilation titled Close To Me: More Fame Recordings hit the shelves in 2016. From that comp, let’s hear “Trash Man”.

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DJ: Ok, how cool is it that in our previous episode about Luck, we featured a Set 4 Score by a band called Bummers, and now in our Garbage episode we have a Set 4 Score from The Bummers with a track titled “Garbage People”; just like Wimps’ latest album!?? Dude. We are all just garbage people.  THE Bummers hail from New Orleans, Louisiana and are a bit more garage rock-y than the previously featured Bummers, though both bands are great!  The Bummers released A Very Exciting Life in 2018, just two weeks before Wimps’ Garbage People hit shelves.

Joe Strummer did a couple movie scores and soundtracks in his career, with one of them being to the movie Permanent Record starring Keanu Reeves. Wikipedia lists Keanu as having played rhythm guitar on “Trash City”, but the release notes leave no mention of it. Maybe he plays along in the movie? I’ve never seen it.  Great tune though!

Love how that Cramps song picked up where The Kinky Fingers left off.  That open E to F chug-a-lug is such a perfect combination for surf music. Maybe we should do a playlist on that chord progression in surf rock? From The Cramps’ 1989 LP Off The Bone, that was “Garbageman”.

In May of 2018, The Kinky Fingers opened for previous Set 4 Score band La Luz at the Larimer Lounge in Denver.  They nearly stole the show, being the local favorites and all.  The show was sold out and for a great reason, too, all 3 bands were spectacular!  The Kinky Fingers play their own genre known as Santa Fe surf rock. Their latest release Garbage Plate exemplifies the genre much like Trudy And The Romance represent their own brand. “Yeha Noha” is the EXACT type of song I would expect to hear if someone were to ask me what Santa Fe surf rock might sound like.  Pick up Garbage Plate at The Kinky Fingers’ Bandcamp page while you still can; only 50 made! (Oh and the third band at that La Luz show was Savila).

Next up is another Australian band.  Australia has seriously got a great rock scene going on right now. Kinda wish they weren’t so damn far away.  Royal Headache somehow sounds like a classic punk rock group, recording techniques and all.  If you weren’t listening too carefully, you might even think this song was from the late 70s or early 80s punk scene. Good stuff! Here’s Royal Headache with “Garbage”.

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DJ: King Khan & The Shrines also got the back-to-back episode treatment with “Luckiest Man” landing a spot in our Luck episode.  Mr. Supernatural is such a great throwback to the soul of the late 60s-early 70s. The organ, the callbacks, the mention of dances like the funky gator and the mashed potato. Sublime! From the 2004 LP Mr. Supernatural, that was “Pickin’ Up The Trash”.

Arlester Christian, or Dyke as we know him, wrote and recorded the original “Funky Broadway” in 1967, a song that Wilson Pickett would cover and find success with. Dyke & The Blazers hailed from Buffalo, New York and were a perfect fit for the late 60s soul movement. Tragically, Dyke is also a member of the 27 Club.  He was shot in Phoenix of a rumored drug deal gone awry.  How sad, man. From their debut album Funky Broadway, we played “City Dump”.

The Deviants started out as The Social Deviants before dropping the chatty adjective. Their 1967 debut LP Ptooff! was recorded with the backing of a millionaire’s son by the name of Nigel Samuel.  How ridiculous would it be to have enough money to be able to tell a band you like “Hey I like you I’ll pay for your debut record.” Crazy. From that debut, we heard “Garbage”.

The Blood Brothers are perhaps the heaviest band we play on FMF. Their combination of raucous howls mixed with the high pitched yowls yields a captivating concoction of post-punk hardcore. 2004’s Crimes was a heavily-political album with topics ranging from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the hyper-industrialization of America, to the “emptiness of the news media”.  “Trash Flavored Trash” focuses on the latter and man, if it isn’t still relative today.  Turn off your cable TV!

Our closing set dabbles in the out-of-tune realm a bit, especially at the end. We’ll start it up with Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters.  Johnny Bonnel was given the “Peebucks” nickname after drunkenly pissing his pants and then paying for his Taco Bell meal with wet cash.  The band dropped the lead-in and changed their name to just Swingin’ Utters in 1994.  They’ve been signed to Fat Wreck Chords since their 1996 album A Juvenile Product of the Working Class and the next track comes from the 2014 Fat Wreck released Fistful Of Hollows. Here’s “We Are Your Garbage”. 

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DJ: Daydream Nation was the last album Sonic Youth released before making the major label jump.  It als made its way onto the famous Top 50 by Nirvana list that Kurt Cobain wrote in his journal.  The spent around $30,000 to record the album with hip-hop producer Nick Sansano over a three week period.  That seem like so much money, especially for back then! We heard “Total Trash” from that “non-econo record”.

Cherry Glazerr enlisted producers Joe Chiccarelli and Carlos de la Garza for their 2017 album Apocalipstick.  The professional producers brought an incredibly brighter and more polished sound to the band’s recording than was previously heard.  The track we played, “Trash People”, even has a heavy disco influence to it. Crazy what a producer change can do for a band!

Beck wrote all of Sex Bob-omb’s songs for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The faux band employed the same sloppy, distorted bass sound that Ty Segall had been making so famous at the time.  It’s incredibly obvious where that sound came from! We played the Beck-penned “Garbage Truck” from the movie’s soundtrack.

Previous Set 4 Score punks Mean Jeans stopped by again with their take on a “Trash Can”.  We featured Mean Jeans doing a cover of Nirvana’s “Very Ape” in our Nirvana episode, one that was jam-packed full of Top 50 by Nirvana artists.  The band put out an album of punk commercial jingles that they wrote for products they either really enjoy or wanted to poke fun at in 2018. Totino’s party pizzas, Applebees, Rain-X Wiper Blades, Mountain Dew, all kinds of weird shit.

Alright you trashy troubadours, we’re gonna hit up the nearest dumpster for some art and a sandwich. Thanks for stopping by and talking rubbish with us today. Join us next time on Feel Me Flow!

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