The Not-Top 40-Tom Petty Party Playlist

After hearing the news of Tom Petty’s cardiac arrest this past Monday, we’ve spent most of the week digging through old records reminiscing on his legacy.  Tom was a rebel and proud of it.  He took pride in going against the system and still succeeding.  After recording his first official single in 1971 with Mudcrutch, Tom would get a lineup change courtesy of Shelter Records, and rename the band The Heartbreakers.  We start our playlist off with “Up In Mississippi Tonight” from that debut single.  Following that, we have a plethora of deep tracks, underappreciated tracks, and just lesser known gems.  Some highlights include my personal favorite Petty track, “It’ll All Work Out” from 1987’s Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough), “Honey Bee” from Tom’s second solo effort Wildflowers, a few covers, some Mudcrutch reunion tracks, a couple Wilbury tracks featuring Tom, and even a guest spot with Johnny Cash where the Heartbreakers backed him.  If the main hits of Tom have begun to lose some luster of the week due to overplay, check out this list for some more genius from the legend himself.  Rest in peace, Mr. Petty; you inspired so many of us to live life the way we wanna live it.



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