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DJ:   Chug!  Chug!  Chug! Welcome to Feel Me Flow’s National Beer Lovers Day episode! Today, we’re gonna take down two whole hours of beer music in a fast and loud way. We’ll hear songs praising beer, songs lamenting over beer, a few songs about my favorite beer, and even a few odes to the six-pack.

Starting us off is The Asylum Street Spankers with a tune from their inebriation concept album; Spanker Madness.  If you’re ever looking for a folk LP that’s all about getting fucked up, this is your ticket.  Here we go with “Beer” from the Spankers!

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DJ:  Blues legend Jimmy Witherspoon giving us the beer back to our punk rock triple-shot.  He did “Drinking Beer” from his 1964 jump blues LP Evenin’ Blues.

The triple-shot included “Beer” from second wave ska kings Reel Big Fish.  The track comes from their “Turn The Radio Off” album; one which was famous for their massive hit “Sell Out”.

Famous drunks The Replacements chimed in with “Beer For Breakfast” taken from their All Or Nothing – Nothing At All compilation.  The comp featured their biggest hits along with a plethora of amazing b-sides on the second disc.

FMF staples FIDLAR bragged about drinking “Cheap Beer” with a track from their debut LP.

Our next set also has a midway shot of punk rock, so get ready.  We’ll start things off with Mojo Nixon doing “Beer Ain’t Drinkin'”.

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DJ:  We capped off our second set with another blues beer ballad, Memphis Slim’s “Beer Drinkin’ Woman”.

Before Memphis, we played a band that pulled massive influence from him; ZZ Top.  ZZ Top’s Tres Hombre album is one of the best blues-rock LPs available, and a pristine vinyl copy sounds fantastic on a great system.  Do yourself a favor and look for one.

NOFX ordered one more round with “Bottles To The Ground” from 2000’s Pump Up The Valuum.  The band has been long vocal proponents of the drinking world, with songs like “Beer Bong”, “Six Pack Girls”, and “Bob”.  Fat Mike proclaimed himself “drying out” on their most recent album First Ditch Effort.

Aussie punkers Frenzal Rhomb sped things up with “Let’s Drink A Beer” from 1999’s A Man’s Not A Camel.  Frenzal Rhomb has released albums through Fat Mike’s record label Fat Wreck Chords since 1995, including a brand new 2017 LP Hi-Vis High Tea.  

We’re gonna chill out for a minute with MF Doom before another rowdy triple-shot of rock!  Here’s Doom with “One Beer”.

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DJ:  Johnny Cash claims that he hardly ever sings beer drinking songs, yet it seems like every bar in the world is playing one of his songs at any given moment.  Strange.  The tune comes from his 52nd(!) LP Look At Them Beans.  The album title comes from the track of the same name written by FMF soul favorite Joe Tex.

New York garage rockers The A-Bones compiled some b-sides in 2004 for the album Daddy Wants A Cold Beer And Other Million Sellers.  The band has backed artists like Hasil Adkins, Ronnie Dawson, and The Flaming Groovies.

We played another cut from Murphy’s Law’s debut album.  The New York band’s debut has been hitting all points with our recent themes, having tracks titled “Beer”, “Crucial Bar-B-Q” (from our BBQ show), and “Sit Home And Rot” (from our upcoming Video Games show).

Ska punks Mustard Plug played us an ode to ale with their track “Beer (Song)” from the 1997 album Evildoers Beware!  

It’s time to hear about my favorite beer, Guinness.  Our Set 4 Score this week goes to Saginaw, TX band Meach Pango.  I love that name by the way.  Here’s Against Me! doing “Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong”.

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DJ:   Natural Child has fully submersed themselves in the neo-garage/classic genre.  It sure is nice seeing the guitar come back into music again!

Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes played us a deep track from the 1992 reissue of their debut LP.

UK classic punks The Business lost lead singer Micky Fitz last year to a battle with cancer, not before we were given six albums and a stack of EPs.

Meach Pango played us a groovy new track titled “Guinness Makes Me Sick”.  The Texas band is just making waves in the indie world and with sounds like this, they should be splashing into your headphones soon.

Let’s get into a bit of hip-hop with a track from King T.  The Compton rapper has Ice Cube on this short track and they rhyme about St. Ides.  Get it in ya!

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DJ:   Minnesota alt-country pioneers The Jayhawks channeled the old country topics with their breakup tune about drinking and driving.  I’d say it’s kind of taboo to write about such a thing these days.

Willie Nelson played “Bubbles In My Beer” from his amazing 1973 LP Shotgun Willie.  Remember how Willie got that nickname?  From chasing down his daughter’s abusive husband with a double barrel.  Don’t mess with Willie.

Black Flag broke mirrors with their punk rock mainstay “Six Pack”.

Beck’s Mellow Gold launched him into the spotlight and began a long career in the music industry.  With the release of “Loser” Beck’s popularity exploded in 1994.  We played “Beercan” from the same album.

Our last set starts with one of the protest chants of the Vietnam War era; “Draft beer, not students”.  Here’s The Freak Scene.

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DJ:  We played the Amos Milburn original version of “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” on our National Bourbon Day playlist earlier this year.  What better way to cap off the beer playlist than a cover of that great track!

George Thorogood & The Destroyers made a name for themselves spicing up old blues tracks in the late 70s and 80s.  Covering artists from Hank Williams to Bo Diddley, the band found major success giving the tunes an update.

Blanks 77 played us “If You Were A Beer” from their 3rd LP, 1998’s C.B.H.

Green Day quenched our thirst with some “Private Ale” from their second album, Kerplunk!.  The album is perhaps best known for hosting the original version of their hit “Welcome To Paradise”.

More Australian rock came your way with Dune Rats.  The band released their sophomore album The Kids Will Know Its Bullshit earlier this year on Ratbag Records.

Alright, enough music trivia, get to drinkin’!  Join us next time on Feel Me Flow for our celebration of National Video Games Day!

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