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FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
1“Beach Barbeque”Keith MansfieldChorus And Orchestra1969

DJ: Welcome welcome welcome to another round of Feel Me Flow! The warm weather makes it almost impossible to not want to enjoy a little outside picnic time.  Whether it be a giant family reunion at the park, a backyard barbeque with friends, or maybe a street food festival, its’ time to eat in company!

We’ve got some hot dog songs, some veggie songs, a set where we build a cheeseburger, some ribs, and a plethora of food hits for you to sing along to while you fire up the grill!  

Leading off our show is Stax Records fame Wendy Rene.  If you’re familiar with Wu-Tang Clan’s “Tearz” you may have heard her song “After Laughter” being sampled.  Here’s another Rene cut with “Bar-B-Q”.

Set 1: Mise En Place
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
2“Bar-B-Q”Wendy ReneBar-B-Q / Young & Foolish – 7″ Single1964
3“BBQ Party”Shonen KnifeSuper Group2008
4“Raw Meat”Black LipsArabia Mountain2011
5“Food”The TurtlesPresent The Battle Of The Bands1968
6“It’s All Meat”Eric Burdon & the AnimalsWinds Of Change1967

7“Cole Slaw”Nat King Cole TrioThe Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat King Cole Trio1948

DJ:  Eric Burdon. Legend.  After forming The Animals in the UK 1962, he would lead the band through a few incarnations until their split in the late 60s.  He would then form War, one of the most successful funk bands of all time. but would leave before their mega-stardom attained through “Low Rider”.  We heard “It’s All Meat” from the Winds of Change LP.

The Turtles served us “Food” from their 4th LP The Turtles Present The Battle Of The Bands.  The album was a concept album of random genres but housed their single “Elenore”.  

Black Lips’ “Raw Meat” preceded the trippy Turtles cut.  2011′ Arabia Mountain has churned out numerous garage rock hits for the Vice Record label since signing with them in 2010.  “Raw Meat” serves as the theme song to Viceland’s King of the Road skater scavenger hunt show.

Shonen Knife hold a spot on Kurt Cobain’s “Top 50 by Nirvana” list that was published with other notes in the posthumous book Journals compiled by Riverhead Books.  Their 1985 K Records  debut Burning Farm was selected by Kurt, but we chose a track from their 2008 album Super Group; “BBQ Party”.

Our next set sticks to the burger topic, but with a twist.  Let’s hear some condiments.  Pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, all on top of that juicy cheeseburger.  Here’s Courtney Barnett with “Pickles From The Jar”.

FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
8“Pickles From The Jar”Courtney BarnettB-Sides2015
9“I Love Onions”Susan ChristieI Love Onions / Take Me As You Find Me – 7″ Single1966
10“Ketchup”The PukesThe Revenge Of2016
11“Mean Mr Mustard”The BeatlesAbbey Road1969
12“Cheeseburger”Gang Of FourSolid Gold1981

13“Cheeseburger Break”WalterwarmSummer Break2017

DJ:  Gang Of Four’s “Cheeseburger” from their sophomore album Solid Gold rounds out our second set.  How do you like your cheeseburgers?  Medium?  Medium Well?  Maybe California-style or Cowboy-style with BBQ sauce? Maybe you’re more of the black bean burger type?  All are great!

The Beatles threw on “Mean Mr. Mustard” from Abbey Road.  Can’t have a quality cheeseburger without mustard, can you?

Milwaukee garage punks The Pukes added that East Coast-no no condiment “Ketchup” to the build-a-burger.  The Pukes released The Revenge Of The Pukes in 2016 after just forming the year prior.  Keep an eye out for more from this band!

Susan Christie had a minor hit with 1966’s “I Love Onions”.  The song would be covered later for a Funyans commercial.  She recorded an album – Paint A Lady – in 1970, but Columbia Records never released it.  Three vinyl copies were known to exist until  DJ Andy Votel landed one and helped get the music re-released.  The LP has a very whispy-folky-psychedelic vibe, and I would absolutely recommend giving it a listen.  

Do you remember the movie XXX with Vin Diesel?  They referenced this next song in it, and it was terribly embarrassing to watch.  Something about Hollywood quoting an old punk song just makes things weird; to each their own I guess.  Here’s The Vandals with “Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government)”.

Set 3: Pork Salad Anarchy
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
14“Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government)”The VandalsPeace Thru Vandalism1982
15“Polk Salad Annie”Tony Joe WhiteBlack And White1968
16“No More Hot Dogs”Hasil AdkinsOut To Hunch1986
17“Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)”The Detroit CobrasBaby2004
18“Pork And Beans”WeezerWeezer (Red Album)2008

19“Bar-B-Q-Sauce”Sammy Price And The Rock BandRib Joint – Roots Of Rock ‘N Roll1979

DJ:  Weezer continued their self-titled color album with 2008’s Weezer (their 6th album, aka the Red album). The third single off of that LP was “Pork And Beans”, a perfect side dish to a barbecue.  Bacon and beans, oh lordy!

The Detroit Cobras asked us to watch them eat a hot dog…in their own kind of way.  The track comes from their 2004 LP Baby and is actually the only original song on the album.  It was co-written by touring member Greg Cartwright aka Greg Oblivian of Reigning Sound, Compulsive Gamblers, and The Oblivians fame.

The one man band of Hasil Adkins stopped by to proclaim his yearning for your head on his wall. The track “No More Hot Dogs” is a quick tale of maniacal laughter, decapitation, and not being able to eat hot dogs because of it.  Yeah, pretty weird alright.

We also had a serving of polk salad with Tony Joe White’s signature tune, “Polk Salad Annie”. Polk Salad comes from the pokeweed plant and was originally called poke sallet.  It’s survival food, food the slaves had to adapt to eat even though it was poisonous.  Though unlike okra, polenta, and grits, pokeweed hasn’t made it into the fashionable food world.

Coming up in our 5th set we kick things off with a funky chicken.  We’re pretty hopeful that if you’re grilling out some chicken today that you smelled it beforehand and it was not funky.  From the third album The Jackson 5 released, this is “How Funky Is Your Chicken”.  Take it away, MJ!

Set 4: Chicken Steak
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
20“How Funky Is Your Chicken”The Jackson 5Third Album1970
21“Steak For Chicken”The Moldy PeachesThe Moldy Peaches2000
22“Napkin”No ParentsHey Grandma And The Greatest Hits2016
23“Hot Dog”Buck OwensHot Dog / Rhythm And Booze – 7″ Single
24“Dixie Chicken”Little FeatDixie Chicken1973

25“BBQ”bc.einsteinJust For You2018

DJ:  Lowell George was one of many legends lost early.  One of Little Feat’s biggest singles was the title track to their 1973 album Dixie Chicken.  The band’s tune “Willin'” has been covered from artists like Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen all the way to Linda Ronstadt.  It’s a great song, man.  Also, did you know Lowell’s daughter is Inara George of the Bird and the Bee fame?

Buck Owens and an early single “Hot Dog” played before Little Feat.  Recorded under the pseudonym Corky Jones, the track was his third single ever released and was never featured on a full-length album.  

Our Set 4 Score this week goes to Los Angeles garage punks No Parents.  Keeping things quick and to the point like the Descendents have always done, the band adds a garage vibe to the short punk style.  We played “Napkin” by the band, because with all of this food being eaten you’re gonna need something to wipe that mouth of yours.  

The Moldy Peaches rang in with “Steak For Chicken”, a tune from the same album that featured that Juno hit that everyone loves.  I love how each vocalist starts singing different but similar lyrics during that song.  Cool idea.

Speaking of California bands, lets have neo-psych band Chicano Batman give us a theme to our “Stoned Soul Picnic”.  Here they are with the Laura Nyro cut “Stoned Soul Picnic”, one that would be famously covered by The 5th Dimension.

Set 5: Gorilla Biscuits
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
26“Stoned Soul Picnic”Chicano BatmanCycles Of Existential Rhyme2014
27“Vegetables”The Beach BoysSmiley Smile1967
28“Gaitor Tails And Monkey Ribs”The McCoysHang On Sloopy: The Best Of The McCoys1995
29“Hot Dog”Led ZeppelinIn Through The Out Door1979
30“Hot Dog (I Love You So)”The DelfonicsThe Sound Of Sexy Soul1969

31“Potato Chips”King CurtisThe Shirelles & King Curtis Give A Twist Party1962

DJ:  A set that begins and ends with some smooth soul is a set that’s alright in my book.  The Delfonics wrap up our 5th set with “Hot Dog (I Love You So) from 1969’s The Sound Of Sexy Soul. Smooth, baby.  

Before those smooth, sexy sounds, we heard Led Zeppelin doing “Hot Dog” from their 1979 LP In Through The Out Door.   The album was their last of new material due to John Bonham’s death in 1980.  

Rick Derringer and The McCoys made it big with their single “Hang On Sloopy” in 1965, the same year The Spats released their weird hit “Gator Tails And Monkey Ribs”.  The McCoys recorded a groovy cover of the song but it wouldn’t see the light of day until it was included in the 1995 compilation Hang On Sloopy: The Best Of The McCoys.

The Beach Boys reminded us to add some vegetables to the mix with a track from their epic Smiley Smile.  Ya know, you can’t just eat meat all day.  Gotta get those vitamins!

Our final set kicks off with The Reverend Horton Heat.  From the 1990 Sup Pop debut album by the psychobilly legends Smoke ’em If You Got ’em, here’s “Eat Steak”.  Or don’t.  We don’t care.

Set 6: Cool Jerk
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
32“Eat Steak”The Reverend Horton HeatSmoke ’em If You Got ’em1990
33“Big Cheeseburgers & Good French Fries”Blaze FoleySittin’ By The Road2010
34“Chicken Payback”The BeesFree The Bees2004
35“Live At The Barbeque”Main SourceBreaking Atoms1991
36“Jerk Ribs”KelisFood2014

37“Ribs And Hot Sauce”Lionel Hampton & His SextetHow High The Moon / Ribs And Hot Sauce – 10″ Single1948

DJ:  Kelis got a major boost in her career when “Milkshake” hit the airwaves.  People still quote the song whenever referencing booty shaking or blended ice cream treats.  She released the David Sitek-produced Food in 2014 to much critical acclaim.  We played the single “Jerk Ribs” from that album. 

Main Source held the party up with one of their best known tracks – “Live At The Barbeque”.  The single is known nowadays for being the first time rapper Nas showed up on tape.  Nas was 16 at the time and this was 3 years before the epic bar-setting Illmatic hit the shelves.  Nas kills it in that first verse and credits it with being the launching point to his career.  

Before Nas, we played a silly garage rock track from the UK’s The Bees, or A Band Of Bees as they are known in the US.  This band has “OMG YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF THE BEES” written all over their music.  If you’re into the throwback sounds of 60s garage, check out Free The Bees.  If you want a more 70s soul vibe, check out Octopus.  If you wanna get really trippy and psychedelic, check out  Every Step’s A Yes.  Highly recommended. 

Blaze Foley was a songwriter who’s songs were covered by artists like Merle Haggard and John Prine.  Blaze was shot in 1989 at 50 years old by a man named Carey January; a friends’ son.  He may have left this Earth a bit early, but he left us some great folk tunes, including “Big Cheesebugers & Good French Fries”.  

Alright, quit nerding out on music trivia, go enjoy this beautiful day!  The grill is hot, the fruit is cut, the veggies are sliced, the chairs are set, the table is clean; its time to maw. Join us next time on Feel Me Flow!

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