FMF Episode #25 – Eclipse

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FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
1“Moonlight”The DeliEncounters2017

DJ:   Are you ready? It’s time for that rare experience of witnessing an eclipse! We put together an episode for you to listen to before the big moment, timing it our just right so that it peaks at the total eclipse moment!  Grab your headphones, your protective eye wear, and let’s get shady!  

Here’s The Marcels doing the original “Blue Moon”.

Set 1: Here Comes The Moon
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
2“Blue Moon”The MarcelsBlue Moon / Goodbye To Love – 7″ Single1961
3“Walking On The Surface Of The Moon”Wreckless EricThe Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric1978
4“Crimson Moon”T. RexDandy In The Underworld1977
5“Under Cover of Darkness”The StrokesAngles2011
6“The Sun”Portugal. The ManThe Satanic Satanist2009

7“Eclipse”Eric DolphyEric Dolphy1972

DJ:  Wreckless Eric is known for his two-chord indie hit “Whole Wide World”, but played us another garage tune with “Walking On The Surface Of The Moon”.  

T. Rex sent cosmic vibes with “Crimson Moon” off of 1977’s Dandy In The Underworld.  

The Strokes’ 2011 comeback album Angles featured the hit “Under Cover Of Darkness” which was a fitting tune for our ecliptic theme.  

Portugal. The Man are enjoying emerging success with their latest hit “Feel It Still”.  We reached back to their fourth LP, 2009’s The Satanic Satanist, for the track “The Sun”.  

Can you see the moon getting closer?  One might say it’s even rising…

Set 2: Moonshine Days
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
8“Bad Moon Rising”Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River1969
9“The Killing Moon”Echo & The BunnymenSongs To Learn And Sing1985
10“Under A Killing Moon”ThriceThe Artist In The Ambulance2003
11“A Walk In The Sun”The TurtlesIt Ain’t Me Babe1985
12“The Surfer Moon”The Beach BoysSurfer Girl1963

13“Sun King”The BeatlesAbbey Road1969

DJ:  The Beach Boys introduced strings into their sound for the first time ever on “The Surfer Moon”.  The track comes from their third LP Surfer Girl.  

The Turtles’ debut album It Ain’t Me Babe featured three Bob Dylan covers on the b-side. Sandwiched between a couple of them was the groovy “A Walk In The Sun”, written by Howard Kaylan aka Eddie.  

We got a bit heavy with a couple of tracks about killing moons.  First was the spooky Echo & The Bunnymen track “The Killing Moon”.  The song comes from their 1984 album Ocean Rain, but many of the younger generation know it from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.  

After that, we played Thrice doing “Under A Killing Moon” from The Artist In The Ambulance

Sticking with the psychedelic theme of The Beatles playing behind us, let’s have The Pretty Things tell us about “The Sun”. 

Set 3: Shadows
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
14“The Sun”The Pretty ThingsEmotions1967
15“Ice In the Sun”Status QuoPicturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo1968
16“Red Hot Moon”RancidIndestructible2003
17“Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)”The RamonesToo Tough To Die1984
18“My God Is The Sun”Queens of the Stone Age…Like Clockwork2013

19“Moonshine”illiterateChillhop Essentials Spring 20182018

DJ:  Dave Grohl recorded the drums for Queens Of The Stone Age’s “My God Is The Sun”.  The song comes from their 2013 LP …Like Clockwork.  

Speaking of drummers, The Ramones would add Richie Ramone to their lineup for 1984’s Too Tough To Die after booting Marky Ramone for his excessive drinking.  We heard “Howling At The Moon” from that album.  

Ramones superfans Rancid had a moderately successful album with 2003’s Indestructible.  The album came after Tim Armstrong went through a divorce with Distillers’ front-woman Brody Dalle.  Brody would go on to marry Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age.  

Status Quo gave us a round-up of psych with “Ice In The Sun” off of their debut album Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo.  The single wouldn’t match their success with “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”.  

Our Set 4 Score this week comes from Inner Wave.  Hear “Eclipse” from them after a bit of reggae punk with The Police.

Set 4: Moonwaves
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
20“Walking On The Moon”The PoliceReggatta De Blanc1979
21 {Set 4 Score}“Eclipse”Inner WaveUnderwater Pipe Dreams2017
22“Rock On The Moon”The CrampsSongs The Lord Taught Us1980
23“Black Sun”Death Cab for CutieKintsugi2015
24“Marquee Moon”TelevisionMarquee Moon1977

25“Come Touch The Sun”Burt BacharachButch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (Original Movie Soundtrack)1969

DJ:   Yes, “Marquee Moon” is over ten minutes long.  Yes, it was important to play the entire thing!  Television’s 1977 album paved the way for half of the artists played today, including Death Cab For Cutie.  

Death Cab’s first album recorded without founding member Chris Walla, Kintsugiincluded the hit single “Black Sun”.  

The Cramps took us from psych to psychobilly with “Rock On The Moon”.  The track comes from their ground-breaking debut album, 1980’s Songs The Lord Taught Us.  

Los Angeles’ Inner Wave gave us those psych grooves with their latest single “Eclipse”.  

Alright, let’s keep things moving and get to our final set before big moment!  Iron Butterfly starts us off with “Look For The Sun”.  Remember, when the time comes, don’t stare into the sun!

Set 5: Dark Side
FMF #TrackArtistAlbumYear
26“Look For The Sun”Iron ButterflyHeavy1967
27“As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea)”Captain BeyondCaptain Beyond1972
28“Staring at the Sun”TV On The RadioDesperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes2004
29“21 M00N WATER”Bon Iver22, A Million2016
30“Brain Damage”Pink FloydThe Dark Side Of The Moon1973
31“Eclipse”Pink FloydThe Dark Side of the Moon1973

32“Moon, Turn the Tides…Gently Gently Away”Jimi HendrixElectric Ladyland1968

DJ:   Wow!  What an experience!  Pink Floyd winds down our last set with the epic “Brain Damage/Eclipse” from 1973’s The Dark Side Of The Moon.  

Bon Iver’s most recent LP 22, A Million was met with critical acclaim.  The album turned folk on its head and featured an instrument that front-man Justin Vernon invented.  

Before that, we heard TV On The Radio doing “Staring At The Sun”, their debut single.  

Iron Butterfly played “Look For The Sun” from their debut album Heavy.  For their fourth LP Metamorphisis, the band would add guitar player Larry “El Rhino” Reinhardt. After the album’s release, however, Larry would leave to form another band, Captain Beyond; whom we played as well. 

Well, eclipsers, that wraps up our show.  Thanks for joining us on Feel Me Flow!

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