FMF’s Companion Playlist To Kurt Cobain’s Top 50 By Nirvana

As per the collection of writings from Kurt Cobain, Journalswe’ve taken Kurt’s list and compiled everything mentioned with the exception of songs that aren’t on Spotify.  Missing from the playlist is The Breeders’ LP Pod, and a few songs from the What Is It compilation.  Everything else should match up.  Dive into the influences of Kurt Cobain and the band that changed everything.



3 thoughts on “FMF’s Companion Playlist To Kurt Cobain’s Top 50 By Nirvana

  1. All great selections (no surprise, considering this is a man who trotted out two-thirds of the Meat Puppets for his MTV unplugged appearance), but I was quite surprised to see The Shaggs on there. I mean…they’re inadvertently funny, I dig that. But then again, so is Pat Boone’s heavy metal album.

    1. I’ve always thought that selection was a “shock-factor” pick. I’ve sat down and listened to the entire album and it’s legitimately terrible. There’s outsider music and then there’s three girls who were forced to play music and didn’t have the talent to back it up haha. I credit them for their persistance and imagination, but as straight aural pleasure goes I’d rather shove a qtip too far into my ear canal.

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