FMF’s Companion Playlist to Loryn Stone’s The Beer Mixtape: 6 Tips for Creating History’s Most Romantic Playlist

Loryn Stone – …sometimes I write funny things… - Google Chrome 7_18_2017 8_29_11 AM (2)

Loryn Stone – …sometimes I write funny things… - Google Chrome 7_18_2017 8_46_52 AM (2)

A little while back we read Loryn Stone’s blog post about a romantic night involving beer and mixtapes.  We were instantly interested!  I mean, we love beer here at Feel Me Flow, and the idea of a beer mixtape is genius!  After reading a bit, we decided to curate an accompanying playlist based on her suggestions.  Here are 13 songs to accompany you on your romantic beer mixtape journey! Have a listen and don’t forget to read her original article here! P.S. – We added an appetizer and dessert for extra romance!


Wild Flag – Romance | You can’t have a romantic playlist without a little romance.

Beer #1 – White/Blonde Ale

Hanni El Khatib – You Rascal You | When deciding between her first beer suggestions, we opted for our favorite among the three; Avery Brewing’s White Rascal!

Frank Ocean – Pink + White |  Loryn suggests a white or blonde ale to start the night off.  How about a song titled “Pink + White” from an album titled “Blond”?

Beer #2 – Hefeweizen

Wolfmother – Pyramid | Loryn’s Beer #2 suggestions include the Pyramid Hefeweizen and Harpoon UFO. Why not do both?

Jim Sullivan – UFO | After downing a Pyramid, we slipped into the mystery that is “UFO” by Jim Sullivan.

Beer #3 – Brown Ale

Roosevelt Sykes – D.B.A. Blues | Loryn’s third suggestion is Firestone Walker’s DBA/Double Barrel Brown Ale. We went with the old blues track by Roosevelt Sykes to add a bit of old school cool.

Beer #4 – Pale Ale

Clint Eastwood – Sierra Nevada | For Loryn’s 4th suggestion, she points to the Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada.  A crisp and refreshing beer, it fits well with Clint Eastwood’s grit.

Procul Harum – A Whiter Shade Of Pale | If Clint’s sultry swooning didn’t get you emotional, this ballad surely will. “Her face, at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale.”

Beer #5 – Wild Card

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side | Loryn’s 5th beer suggestion offers up a wild card.  Let this bass line carry you through your decision and take a walk on the wild side.

Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets | Garland Jeffreys’ anthem to teenage angst gets covered by LA punks Circle Jerks. “’64 Valiant, hand full of Valiums, couple of beers really do me right…”

Beer #6 – Coconut Porter

Harry Nilsson – Coconut | Loryn’s 6th beer suggestion leads us to Maui Brewing’s Coconut Porter.  We’re not quite sure if lime would go well with it, but you’re welcome to try!

Johnny Cash – Hey Porter! | A nice nostalgic porter to cap off the evening’s mixtape.


Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance | This romance was unique indeed! Such a smooth way to end the night.


For further reading about the selections, please read Loryn’s post.  Check back here at Feel Me Flow for more companion playlists soon!



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