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2-hour blocks of music, perfect for any radio station substitute!

Funk and soul music ranging from the late 60s soul wave to the late 70s funk and disco days. Lots of deep tracks mixed with big hits.
Indie/Alternative rock with energy! Get moving with these upbeat, catchy hooks and melodies from all sorts of indie and alternative artists.
So much wow, many flutter. Slack bends indie rock wavy vibes and twists them into your ears with chill, lo-fi garage aesthetics.
Chillhop vibes, instrumental hip-hop beats, jazz samples and more. Headphones, please!

Recent "Scores"

- Weekly featured #Set4Score artists from FMF episodes -

The Bummers

Alternative Rock | New Orleans, LA, USA
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The Kinky Fingers

Santa Fe Surf | Denver, CO, USA
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Indie Rock/Garage Surf | Columbus, OH, USA
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The Pinheads

Garage Rock | Wollongong, Australia
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More Playlists

During Set 4 of each FMF Episode, we’ll play a track from newly discovered band that we enjoy and work them into our theme.

Playlists curated from artists’ influences, then discussed.

20 random tracks compiled every Monday. No rhyme or reason.